Lazzara LSX92 wins Best Interior Award

The annual Yachts Magazine Awards were held in Cannes, France right on the beach in front of the Carlton Hotel. This year the LSX92 was nominated in three categories which was the most of any other yacht. In each of the three categories (Best Design, Best Interior, Most Innovative) three yachts were nominated and then at the ceremony the winners were announced. It is a prestigoius event and one that Lazzara has one two years previous, first (2006) for the Lazzara 84 and then (2007) for the LSX75.  Special thanks to Michel Karsenti, CEO and Publisher of Yachts Magazine.

Lazzara LSX92 wins Best Interior from Rich Lazzara on Vimeo.

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3 Responses to Lazzara LSX92 wins Best Interior Award

  1. Matt R says:

    Congratulations guys. Its one thing to know that you put out the highest quality product, but to be recognised by your peers in this way must be very rewarding.

    Looking forward to seeing the 120 LSX win some awards next year!

  2. David Baer says:

    Good to see the lsx92 get recognized.

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