Canne – Scenes from the Show (Part 3)

Looks like I spoke to soon….

I knew things were going to easy for us.  Today all that changed.  We were trying to get our boats into the slips but there was a problem.  1) This ferry boat you see in picture above 2) the 130 Westport that was to the one side.  No one could find the ferry boat driver and the WestPort 130 captain couldnt move because he would be right in middle of channel if he moved forward.  So we had to wait and wait and wait. Six and half long hours until the marina traffic died down enough to move the WestPort.  Once we got the boat out of the way it was easy.   The 75 came in first and then the 84.  It was neat to watch the 75 come in because the dockhands were yelling for it to “move over your not in the right spot”. Then they watched amazed as the captain walked the 75 completely sideways into the correct position.  Long day, but in the end it all worked out. Almost show time.

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