Canne – Scenes from the show (part 2)

Two days before the show and we are looking great!  The weather here in Canne has been spectacular.  The setup of our display has been the smoothest I can remember, ever.  We have a team of three guys helping to set it up this year.  They are excellent and have made the normally painful process much easier.  The other great part is that the show organizer Reed Expo is very accommodating. So all in all we are eager and looking forward to opening day.  Tomorrow our boats will arrive around noon.  One is coming up from La Rague and the other from Antibes, both ports about 30 min away.  Our two boats, LSX75 (Lizzi) and 84 (Reeges Dream) will be positioned just outside our display.  We are showcased next to a 130 Westport on one side and a 92 Riva on the other.  In addition in our area are a 115 Riva, 90 Pershing, 115 Pershing, Bennetti, Peri Yacht, Majesty Yacht and a couple others.  Good company to keep and all names that should draw people to our display.  We will also be debuting our new LSX92 model.  Look for that in a later post.  I’ve posted more pics after the link as well as a video of a silver LSX75 model that rotates.  The idea for it came from Joe Lazzara and Chris Harruff.  You’ll notice that the rotating models are located outside of our tent.  This has caused quite a stir amongst  nearby exhibitors as your not suppose to have anything outside your tent.  Good thing I got it approved prior to the show from our friends at Reed Expo ;)

[vimeo 1692701]

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