Canne Boat Show, getting ready

It’s that time of the year again.  The 2009 Cannes Boat Show is from Sept 9 -14th.  We will be displaying our LSX75 at slip JAN019 and if your in the area feel free to stop by for a tour.  I can tell you that the participation of manufactuers and vendors does not appear to be down when compared to the last several years.  With the economies impact on our industry  I had expected to see less participation, smaller displays, etc. However that doesnt seem to be the case.  I will post some updates from time to time on our Twitter account HERE and our Facebook account HERE.

In the meantime enjoy some quick photos HERE I took of the LSX moving into the show yesterday.

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2 Responses to Canne Boat Show, getting ready

  1. sandra says:

    I like the design look beautiful thing, had a family to rotate an island.

    Expedition Yacht

  2. jade says:

    I enjoy reading/watching your post some updates. Actually canne boat show have good design.

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