Lazzara Yachts Manufacturing from Rich Lazzara on Vimeo.

Hello, and welcome to Lazzara Yachts manufacturing.

Lazzara Yachts is headquartered in a 130,000 sq ft facilty on a 24 acre peninsula in Tampa, Florida.  They employ close to 500 craftspeople of various trades from over 78 different nations.  Some of these skilled individuals trace there lineage back to working under Vince Lazzara at Gulfstar Yachts in the 1970′s and now some of their children are building yachts with Lazzara.

Being a family builder has it advantages and ingenuity.  It has propelled Lazzara Yachts to the forefront of modern boat building.

Honing the skills and techniques over decades of maritime construction Lazzara has excelled in both lean and vertical manufacturing.  This means decreasing the  construction foot print by having multiple stages simultaneously underway.

So on the LSX product line, while the hull and deck are being laid up in their molds, the interior of the yacht is being built, plumbed and wired on the factory floor.

When the other components are ready, the interior module is lifted up and lowered into the hull.  It is precisely fitted and mounted atop Lazzara’s patented isolation system, which is series of rubber pads used to eliminate vibration.

Ask any yacht owner about the things that attracted them to their Lazzara and most of them will say the interior styling.  The caliber of the fit and finish is second to none.

Lazzara builds all of the cabinetry and fixed furniture included on the yachts.  They have standardized a template-based system that enables surfaces with different wood veneers and finishes to be efficiently produced and interchanged.  This not only offers superior choices but reduces the weight of each piece.

Handcrafted “piano-like”, polyester finishes are applied to the furniture panels.  This finishing is unmatched in both durability and presentation. Lazzara Yachts is still the only production yacht builder to allow its owners to choose from different types of interior wood finishes. The result is a yacht that is uniquely theirs, and not just another copy off the production line.

These manufacturing processes reduce hours, increase quality and allow the owner to see his dream come to life sooner.  It’s these kinds of ideas that come out of Lazzara’s passion to build the best yachts.