Lazzara Yachts Design from Rich Lazzara on Vimeo.

Hello and welcome to Lazzara Yachts Design.

If I there was one word to sum up the group at Lazzara, that word would be passion. There is not a design and engineering group in the world that create with a more empowered initiative, to seek perfection and become the innovation stylists of their time.

The purpose of design for Lazzara is more than creating a fluid window line or a unique hull shape; it’s to create an emotion.  One that connects the owner’s lifestyle through his yacht to the sea.

There is an energy and momentum that comes with the ability to bring a design from concept to market faster than any other company.  Lazzara Yachts can go from a conceptual sketch to a finished product within 10 months.  This allows the company to create the most current, innovative yachts in the world.

Lazzara’s design and engineering team is built upon the best experience in both traditional and modern methods of product development.

Each new concept goes from pencil and marker sketches to being hand modeled in clay.  It is then scanned in real time 3D and refined for surfacing and part manufacture.

At this stage the design is either sent to the rapid prototype 3D printer or the five axis router for a model or part to be made. Once satisfied with results, the new yacht is put into production.

While product development is working on the concept and tooling, Lazzara Yachts award winning Interior design team is planning the living spaces aboard the vessel.

Drawing on a wide range of resources the Lazzara Interior Design studio offers a library that rivals the best of residential studios, and other yacht builders alike.

The Lazzara Designers not only work closely with product development but are also an integral component in the sales and manufacture of each yacht.  They partner with the owners and help them to personalize the yacht of their dreams.

It’s the passion which stirs emotions that makes life more exhilarating.  Lazzara designs their yachts that way because their owners use them that way.