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Lazzara Yachts Customer Support from Rich Lazzara on Vimeo.

When Lazzara Yachts was founded in 1990, one of the main goals was to have an industry leading customer support team. To meet the needs of their entire fleet, Lazzara is always ready to consistently deliver fast and reliable service. Being recognized as an industry leader means setting new standards of helping owners have the most beneficial experience with their Lazzara yacht as possible. This is customer support like no other.It all begins with Lazzara Yachts University, or LYU. Lazzara believes the best way to ensure their owners time aboard their yacht is safe, confident and enjoyed is through education. LYU is a 3 day course for owner’s and their captain’s to understand how their yacht was built and operates. It is provided at the Lazzara factory if taken while the yacht is being built or can be taught aboard at the location of the yacht.Lazzara Customer Support has three Florida locations in Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale and St. Augustine. There is also the same high standard for customer support at authorized service centers throughout the Caribbean, South America, Europe, and the GCC.The Tampa Headquarters is the last stop before a new yacht is launched as well as the closet location for many of Lazzara’s Gulf of Mexico owners. It puts the entire Lazzara manufacturing facility towards a vessels needs.The Lauderdale Marine Center was created to provide our south Florida owners and Bahamian cruisers the ultimate convenience. This location continues to serve as the main hub for yachts under our care and the home base for our team of service techs.Located on the rivers of St. Augustine, our talented SeaFit team can oversee small and large projects alike. They help to maintain and retrofit the classic models in the Lazzara Fleet.

The world renowned SeaCheck program is available exclusively to Lazzara Yacht owners. SeaCheck is a comprehensive assessment of an entire yacht’s operation. It includes downloads from the ISIS computer, electronics tests, visual inspection, diagnosis of engine and generator wear, laboratory analysis of fluids and a sea trial.

Then the entire SeaCheck analysis is presented in a hard-bound book along with maintenance recommendations.

From stock items like filters to larger replacement parts such as props, Lazzara Parts Express is the best resource for anything that goes on a Lazzara yacht. They can deliver what is needed anywhere in the world. Fast.

Lazzara Customer Support understands the how valuable time is to each yachts owner. No other yacht manufacturer makes the commitment to support their customers like Lazzara. From education, and preventative maintenance, through worldwide and situational support Lazzara Yachts is unparalleled.

Lazzara Customer Support
1601 20th St. CS-6, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315

Seafit Support Center
St. Augustine Marine

400 S. Riberia St. Suite G
St. Augustine, Florida 32084